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Here is what you’ll need to bring:

thick matPilates Mat

You can purchase one online at Amazon or Ebay or go to any sporting goods store. Walmart and Target usually have them as well.

Yoga mats are too thin and you will be uncomfortable.

To order online click here

HINT: If you compress the mat with your thumb and first finger and you can feel them meet, the mat is too thin.

 Water Bottle

water bottleGet a water bottle made of steel or glass to help save the planet and keeping plastics out of the ocean. Thank you!

Note: Aluminum water bottles are not good for your body.

Steel and glass are the way to go!

running-shoesNew or Fairly New Running Shoes

Wear comfortable clothes you can move and sweat in and you’ll want a fairly new pair of running, walking or cross trainer tennis shoes.

If you can’t remember when you purchased your shoes, they are probably too old.

Your feet will be soooo grateful for a new pair of shoes. We promise =)


Feel free to call our home office if you have any questions:

Call Us Toll FREE 1.866.339.4438


Helpful Insight:

Please don’t compare yourself to others in the class. Some people have been with us for years and believe me nearly all of them were where you are not too long ago. =)

This is a family type program and we want you to feel great about joining us. If there is anything we can do to support you better, please let us know.

We look forward to seeing you in class!