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The Good Sugar

Is there good sugar?

sugarI’m constantly reading articles about the dangers of sugar but did you know that sugar is actually a necessity for your body?

All of your cells use sugar for energy. In SMALL amounts it supports you.

The problem is sugar taste AMAZING and if you consume large amounts of sugar often, you could be setting yourself for a BIG health fall!

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Staying Young

Staying Young At Any AGE!

I often hear people say phrases like, “I’m too old, I can’t do a morning bootcamp class”.

Does the body age? Yes!

Do you have to use that as an excuse to not have the fitness level you want? NO WAY!

Below is a picture of Bob Faulhaber and his wife Judy.

Bob dancingTwo years ago Bob turned 70 years old!

Is this unique? Well, no…But a 72 year old man riding his bike from Sunnyvale to Los Altos at 5:30am in the morning to make it to a 6am Pilates Cardiocamp class is!

Not only does he make it to class before his trainer but he is the first up hills, does full push-ups, and basically leads the pack in nearly every exercise his trainer throws at him!

For Bob’s 70th birthday he rode over 70 miles on his bike with family and friends there to encourage and taunt him on his ride! This was not an easy peasy ride! This was a ride through the Santa Cruz mountains and back to his home in Sunnyvale! Um…WOW!

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