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Pilates Full Body™


The Pilates Full Body is currently held online. Sign up for your FREE week and you’ll be sent the link to join us!

Class Times/Days:

7am/ Monday-Friday and 9am/ Monday and Wednesday.

[NOTE: We have private training for you. If you’d like in home training contact us here! Your first class is FREE!] 

What You’ll Need:

This 5-week program combines Pilates with the following…

  • Strength training to firm up every muscle in our body!
  • Functional-movement to keep you strong doing every-day activities!
  • Interval training to help you release the most inches and quickly increase your fitness level!
  • Balance training to keep you agile at any age!
  • Foam rolling to keep your muscles, joint and ligaments healthy, flexible and able to recover quickly from exercise!

The program is designed to:

  • Tone and firm your entire body
  • Reduce inches in your belly
  • Improve posture and flexibility
  • Have fun!

If you haven’t worked out in a while, don’t worry! All the trainers are experts at giving you tips to start off slow! No matter what your fitness level, you can do this program!

Our classes are limited and only take between 10-15 people.

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This program has been running since 2001.

It is not your average program. It was designed by a trainer who has been designing exercise programs since 1996 and holds over 10 fitness certifications.

If that sounds like a community you’d like to join, sign up for your free week on the right and we’ll see you in class! =)