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Staying Young

Staying Young At Any AGE!

I often hear people say phrases like, “I’m too old, I can’t do a morning bootcamp class”.

Does the body age? Yes!

Do you have to use that as an excuse to not have the fitness level you want? NO WAY!

Below is a picture of Bob Faulhaber and his wife Judy.

Bob dancingTwo years ago Bob turned 70 years old!

Is this unique? Well, no…But a 72 year old man riding his bike from Sunnyvale to Los Altos at 5:30am in the morning to make it to a 6am Pilates Cardiocamp class is!

Not only does he make it to class before his trainer but he is the first up hills, does full push-ups, and basically leads the pack in nearly every exercise his trainer throws at him!

For Bob’s 70th birthday he rode over 70 miles on his bike with family and friends there to encourage and taunt him on his ride! This was not an easy peasy ride! This was a ride through the Santa Cruz mountains and back to his home in Sunnyvale! Um…WOW!

Here’s what Bob has to say about being fit: “Staying fit has been essential for my lifestyle allowing me to participate in ice hockey, bicycling, running, and other physical activities with our children and grandchildren and travel the world with my wife on our Tandem Bicycle.  My Cardiocamp workouts have been integral in my fitness program as core and cardio workouts are essential to fitness especially as we age.”

Bob and Judy take their tandem bike and travel the world! Their next trip, which is this October, will take them from Istanbul to Athens on CIMG5910another biking adventure!

Bob has been attending the Pilates Cardiocamp for many years. His daughter Jana first encouraged him to come in and join her and when Jana moved away to Carmel, Bob stayed!

Bob does have a special dedication to his workouts and continues to inspire clients and myself!

Do you have to get up at 5:30am to get the body you want and the health you deserve? Nope!

All it takes is choosing to do something a few times a week that gets your body out of its comfort zone. Get your heart rate up a little higher. Feel the burn in your muscles using free weights or bands. Get out of breath for at least a minute or two and you’ll start to see and feel results in your body.

And above ALL…Be Consistent!

Joining a group program, like the Pilates Cardiocamp, is one the BEST ways to stay consistent at ANY age!

I’ll be offering a new online accountability fitness program in January and if you like to workout at home or you travel a lot, this program is for you! I hope you keep your eyes open for it!

This article is dedicated to you if you feel your body aging and wish you had more strength, endurance and vitality!

If you live near Woodside or Los Altos California, come take a free week with my live program! If you’re already member, Yeah YOU! Your on your way to staying young at any age!

Here’s a little something you may not know. Most people will not do this type of program. They will go for a walk, which has many benefits. However, a strength training, interval, endurance, Pilates (core) workout will get you off the sofa at 80 years old and older and able to do so much more! Oh Yeah!

Our next session begins soon! Invite a friend to join for a FREE week and if you’ve been gone a while, it’s never too late to join us! 🙂


See you in class!

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