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Holiday Session

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Happy Holidays!

Our Holidays Session Runs the 18th, 19th, and & 21st!

Below you’ll find payment links to add yourself to a Holiday workout. Simply choose the days you’re coming and click “Add to Cart”.

The New Year’s Session Begins Tuesday, January 2nd.

I’ll see you soon!

FYI: Those of you on auto-pay, I’ve suspended the auto-pay and will unsuspend for the January session. =)

Monday the 18th (9am only. Sorry, no 6am class available)

Tuesday the 19th (6am & 9am) 

Thursday the 21st (6am & 9am) 

No class the week of the 25th.

Thank you for joining me for this Holiday Session! =)

I hope you have a wonderful season of connection, rest and joy.

May this next year be filled with light, love, safety, and ease for all.

Your Trainer,

Michelle Melendez

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P.S. If you know anyone who would enjoy a free week with us, please send them to If they join us, you’ll get $50 off your January session! Thank you! =)