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Toni King

Toni King

Toni King (Los Altos Instructor)

Toni King is an ACE Certified Health Coach and a Wellness Coach at the YMCA. She is a TRX-qualified trainer, an accomplished marathon runner, and a 3rd-degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do.

After achieving top physical shape in her 30’s, Toni’s health took a turn for the worse with a ladder fall and broken back. Soon after, Toni suffered shoulder surgeries, back, hip and knee pain, and ultimately was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma requiring facial reconstruction. Overwhelmed with mounting health issues, Toni felt depressed, overwhelmed, and unable to regain the strength, fitness and vitality she once enjoyed.

At the end of her rope, she reached out and asked Audrey for basic exercises she could to do strengthen her knees to return to running, and she asked for advice for nutrition. Committing to healthy changes made all the difference for her. She curbed her fast-food and comfort-food addictions and submitted to a routine of strength and cardiovascular exercises. A year later, Toni ran the Sacramento Marathon. She went on to lose 50 pounds by looking more closely at her overeating habits, and choosing a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, and healthy proteins. She was able to come off all medications, and she regained total hip and shoulder mobility.

Toni didn’t stop there. She joined group exercise classes with Sheldon Wesley. She went on to learn to swim, and joined a masters swim team. She learned to springboard dive and joined Stanford’s masters dive team. In addition, she’s known to backpack, scuba dive, and body board with her kids, and she rocks the most challenging weight training classes and TRX workouts.

Toni has a natural way of connecting with and supporting the people in her life. She is excited to bring her experience to Tonik Fitness clients. She believes with encouragement, information, and accountability, everyone can achieve their best, and will be surprised at what they accomplish.