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Is This The Right Program For You?
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What If You Could…

  • Save time, money on your exercise program.
  • Set your mind, body, and spirit to an optimal state in under 20 minutes.
  • Make working out fun and simple to fit into your schedule.
  • Confidently know you’re doing the right exercises for your body type.
  • Have access to a professional trainer for pennies

Right now it may be hard to stick with an exercise program.

You get too busy or you just can’t seem to get and stay motivated. Your work or family always come first and there’s never time for you!

You always think you’ll make time for it later, but it never happens. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone.

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Why Train With Me?

I’ve been a fitness expert since 1996. That’s over 20-years of training women all over the world to feel great and look great in their bodies.

I use the scientifically proven power of affirmations in every workout I teach. This helps raise your emotional vibration and lift your mood…you will feel it!

Train with me to discover a new way to think and feel about your body, your life, and the world!

My workouts include a unique fusion of…

  • Pilates to strengthen your abs and back for better posture and flexibility
  • Toning exercises that firm-up every muscle in your body
  • Balance & functional movement so you’re able to go through your day with ease and grace at any age

Positive affirmations to shift your emotions from overwhelm & frustration to confidence & ease

If you’re looking for motivational workouts AND to shift your emotions of how you feel about your life and the world, YOU are who I created this program for!

Join Me & Start Toning Your Body & Feeling More Positive About Life With Every Workout!
You Deserve That!


5 Ways Your Program Works For You:


#1 Prepare Fitness Success!

For years I’ve seen women start and stop exercising in frustration that they can’t stick with a regular program.

I’ve discovered 4 things most women don’t prepare for that would make sticking with an exercise program so much easier!!

Within your first week you’ll prepare for fitness success like a Pro and feel like getting and staying fit is possible for you!


#2 Train For Your Body Type

Do you know you have a certain dominate body type?

If you don’t workout for your body type, you could be wasting your time!

When you join you’ll take a 1-minute quiz and learn how to best train for your body type! It’s quick, easy and will get you much better results with your exercise program!


#3 Full Access To Online Workouts + Live Weekly Workouts!

You’ll have Complete Access to my Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood online exercise library of 10, 20, 30 + minute workouts that tone and firm your entire body! You can workout whenever you’d like, wherever you’d like!

These specialized practices [su_color]Harness the Power of Positive Affirmations[/su_color] and are designed to tone your body and lift your mood!

[su_center] LIVE workouts every Tuesdays at 9:00 AM PST. Let’s get you fit together![/su_center]

These workouts are recorded so if you miss them, you’ll have instant access through your community page and member site.

Here is an example of the workouts I teach: (Give it a try!)


This workout was filmed in Margaret River, Australia and will tone and firm you-up!


What a new participant thought of my workouts…

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#4 Stay Motivated By Playing a Fun Exercise Game

You’ll play an exercise game online or download the app to your iPhone and stay inspired to workout!

It’s time for a new way to think about exercise and have fun doing it!

Plus, I’m playing this monthly game with you along with other members to help keep you inspired to reach your monthly goal! Oh Yeah!

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#5 Join Your Get Fit Community

Not only will you belong to a private member site with even more resources and support but you are family with me and I want to know how you’re doing and how I can support you!

You’ll have an exclusive Facebook community where you can check in with me and other Get Fit women DAILY!

Start to see, not only how your fitness sisters are firming up and getting healthy, but how the affirmations in your workouts are transforming lives!

Plus, I’ll be answering any questions you have. You’ll love being a part of a community that has your back and wants to see you succeed!

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I want to make sure you get into the spirit of a fit woman who looks and feels GREAT so I’ve added this BONUS…


Three Keys to Stay Inspired To Exercise No Matter What!  ($24 value)

three-weeks-graphic-pic_transparentHow long have you struggled to get fit?
Are you ready to make it last?

In this video and audio bonus you will discover:

  • Why getting and staying fit has been so hard for so long!
  • The 3 Simple Keys you can do now to stay motivated no matter what!
  • Freedom and joy that you CAN be fit and STAY fit!

My BIGGEST advice to you if you’ve been struggling to get fit is…Don’t join a gym or get on another exercise program without some internal guidance and support! You’ll only set yourself up for failure…AGAIN!

Don’t you think it’s time to go deeper?

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It’s time to SAVE money on your fitness program!

If you are tired of spending too much money on gym memberships you don’t use, you’re going to love this…

With Your Get Fit Membership, [su_color]You Choose[/su_color] Your Price!


Yep, it’s true! You choose from one of 3 low- monthly payments!

Why am I doing this? I LOVE what I do and if you want to be part of my community, I don’t want money to be an issue! Plus, I believe people are honest and will pay what they feel good about.

I also am ready to see more people supporting each other in the world and that starts with me!

It’s Not a Mistake You Found me!
If I feel like the Right Trainer For You, Join Me!


No Risk Reservation Form

Yes, Michelle, I’m Ready to Get Fit!
I know my program includes:

Program Features
Get Fit!
monthly program
Month To Month 
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Prepare For Fitness Success Proven System
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Discover How To Train For My Body Type
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FULL Access to an Online Library of Workouts +[su_color] Live Weekly Workouts[/su_color] with Michelle
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Play A Motivational Exercise Game With Me & Other Members
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Private Member Site and Facebook Page
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3 Keys to Stay Inspired to Exercise No Matter What (video and Audio)
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Ready To Join Me?

I’m committed to make your fitness fun AND affordable!




This payment plan is structured so you get full access to the program AND help another member who is financially challenged. When you choose the “Giver” payment option, you are helping change the world for the better! I’m thrilled to be your trainer.


This payment plan supports you to have full access to the program. You are ready to Get FIT! Thank you for choosing me as your trainer!


Choose this plan if you are currently financially challenged. I want you to know that you are supported by love. I’m so glad you’re here! Thank for choosing me as your trainer.


Again, Why Give You Payment Options?

I love what I do and I trust you. If this feels like the right program for you, I don’t want money to be an issue. I trust that you’ll pay the amount that works best for you and honors this fitness program. I am being the change I want to see in the world.

How much do you want to pay?

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Peace of Mind Guarantee:

sat-guaranteedI believe you’re going to LOVE my programs so I’m giving you a 2-week trial! I’ll take all the risk to get you started!

Sign up for your Get Fit program and if it’s not a match for ANY reason, let me know and you pay nothing! =)

If you know I’m the right trainer for you, try out a program! You have 14-days to check it out RISK-FREE!

Come workout with me and see what law of attraction workouts can do for your body and soul!



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Your Get Fit program will take you on a fun fitness journey that gets you motivated to workout and keeps you inspired to reach your goals!

Are you ready to say, “Yes” to more energy, fun and a firmer body?

One thing I know to be true: if you keep doing the same thing over and over trying to get a different result, you’ll NEVER reach your goal and it will be VERY frustrating!

Try a program that gets into your cells and leaves you with more joy, love, health, and healing in your body and discover what happens when you look in the mirror! =)

Your Fitness Ally,


P.S. It’s not a mistake you found me! You were asking for something different and now you’re reading my Get Fit info letter. Coincidence? =)

P.S. If I feel like the right trainer for you, try my program for 14-days risk-free and start to feel the transformation as you tone your body and lift your mood! Oh Yeah!

How much do you want to pay?

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[su_nice_box]UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE: You have 2 weeks to try me out! You will not be billed until the 15th day of your program. Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee weight release success. However, when you work these principles, our clients have created a body they love and a life of more ease, joy, and abundance! You CAN do this![/su_nice_box]