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Tired of Feeling Frustrated and
Disappointed With Your Weight?
Join The Get Fit and Detox Challenge!

12- Week Challenge!

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Are you ready to…Get Fit and Detox

  • Let go of feeling frustrated and disappointed with your weight?
  • Learn how to released 15-20lbs in 6-weeks?
  • Release Sugar and other food addictions quickly and easily?
  • Have the support you need to create a fitness and nutrition plan that work for YOUR BUSY LIFE?

Then the Get Fit and Detox 12-Week Spring Challenge is for You!

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This program is a combination of exercise, detoxing and creating a nutrition plan that works for your body!


How Your Get Fit and Detox Challenge Works:

Click in the bullets below to know more about the steps of your program…

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I’ve been a fitness trainer since 1996!

I have over 10 fitness certifications, including Weight Loss Specialist and more!
I’ve coached women ALL over the world helping them release weight and start to live in a body they LOVE!

What makes me different is I incorporate human behavior transformation into not only my teachings but workouts as well!

There are ways to make nutrition and fitness easy and enjoyable! I’d love you teach you what they are! I hope you’ll join me! =)

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You have the option to workout with me live at The Pilates Full Body! This program was established in Los Altos California in 2001! It combines Pilates (core and back training) with anti-aging exercises!

Choose to join me 3-days a week or do the Extreme program and take 4-classes a week! (See program options below)

Either way, you’re going to see GREAT results in your body! Oh Yeah!

Get ready to…

  • Improve your posture and release fat!
  • Strengthen your upper and lower body!
  • Enhance your posture and flexibility!
  • Release stress and tension in your muscles!

What Elena Shea has to say about the class:

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You’ll have a membership to my Get Fit online workout program!

Get ready to…

  • Prepare for fitness success and make getting started easy!
  • Learn how to train for your body type so you stop wasting time and get the results you want!
  • Do workouts anytime, anywhere!
  • Enjoy getting fit and discover it can be fun!

This online program makes it simple to get fit no matter what your schedule!

Get ready to change the way you feel about exercise!

Your Online Workouts Harness the Power of Positive Affirmations!

Your workouts are filmed in beautiful locations around the globe, and transform your body, mind, and spirit!

Take advantage of the time you spend working out to create a life of more love, abundance, and joy! You deserve it!

It’s time to connect your body and soul with workouts that do more than just tone you up!

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You’ll do this detox twice in your program so you release the most inches and easily create a nutrition program that gets lasting results!

You will…

  •  Cleanse your body from the inside out to release inches fast!
  • Learn how to keep you and your family safe and healthy for years to come!
  • Discover how to make easy, yummy and good for you meals that give you energy and release inches!
  • Receive an organized shopping list that makes grocery shopping quick and easy!

This detox is easy to do and again, you’ll do it two times to make sure you get the learnings and your body gets the most benefits!

Your Challenge Begins August 28th!

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Your Program Is EASY To Complete!


I know you’re busy so I wanted to make it as EASY as possible for you to get through this program and get the results you want! Oh Yeah!

Every time you complete an action in your program, you’ll watch yourself, and others move along your progress scale! When you reach 70% you’ll have earned your

When you reach 70% you’ll have earned your Completion GIFT!

Prove to yourself you can do it and feel amazing in your body! Oh Yeah!

Your Completion Gift is ONLY for those who earn it!

You CAN Do This!


Your Challenge Begins August 28th!


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It’s Important To Me That You Get The MOST Out Of This Program So I’m Including Some GREAT Bonuses!

3 Bonuses For Joining:


BONUS #1: Detox Supplements Mailed To You

There are body balancing supplements that support an easy detoxification and help with better clarity, energy and weight loss! I’m going to mail them to you! Of course, check with your doctor and make sure these supplements work for you especially if you’re on meds!

Detox Supplements:

    • 4150E-GRN_f1 copySupplement #1: Alkalines your body, reduces toxins, increases clarity, and energy!
    • Supplement #2: Balances insulin, helps release belly fat, and decreases/eliminates sugar cravings!
    • Supplement #3: Enables quicker breakdown of food for better absorption and optimal health!
    • Supplement #4: Helps build muscle, release weight, and supports optimal digestion!
$120 value (mailed to you)

INSTANT ACCESS BONUS #2: Complete What to Eat Library

This library was 12 years in the making!

In this online library, you’ll discover…

  • 3 crucial elements to maintain a healthy body and healthy weight
  • 7 Superfoods to have in your nutrition plan
  • What foods to avoid
  • 3 types of foods to have every day
  • 6 keys to make nutrition easy
  • 10 supplements for optimal health and to release fat.
  • Plus, recipes ideas and More!

You’ll have so many questions answered! It’s time to make eating easy!

$97 value


INSTANT ACCESS BONUS #3: Belly Fat Freedom Audio-Program

I taught a 6-week program all about belly fat and I’m gifting you the entire program!


  • What belly fat is and what to do about it?
  • Two supplements you should ALWAYS take if you want a healthy gut!
  • What married women should NEVER do if they want less belly fat!
  • 12 yummy foods that help your body release belly fat naturally and keep you satisfied!
  • Tons more!
$97 value

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Are You Ready For The Get Fit and Detox Challenge?

If you want Lasting Change with your health and fitness, the Get Fit and Detox 12-Week Challenge is the PERFECT program to get you there!

Let’s do this-TOGETHER!

Your Challenge Begins August 28th!

Yes, I’m Ready for My Get Fit and Detox 12-Week Challenge!

I know my program includes: 

Program Features
Get Fit and Detox Online Only
Live Pilates Get Fit and Detox
Live Pilates Get Fit and Detox Extreme
Live Pilates Full Body in Los Altos: 3-Days a Week
Live Pilates Full Body in Los Altos: 4-Days a Week
Get Fit Online Workout Program
Live Expert Coaching with Michelle Melendez
Food Reset and Detox Program
Completion Gift mailed to you
BONUS: Detox supplements mailed to you! ($120 value)
INSTANT ACCESS BONUS: Complete What To Eat Library ($97 value)
INSTANT ACCESS BONUS: Belly Fat Freedom 6-week audio ($97 value)
Payment Plan

$145x’s 3

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$314x’s 3

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$341x’s 3

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What People Are Saying About The Get Fit and Detox Challenge…

Join Us and Feel and Look Your BEST By Summer! 

phone-512Do you have questions and want to chat live?

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Peace of Mind Guarantee

sat-guaranteedI believe you’re going to LOVE this Spring Challenge so I’m giving you a 2-week trial! I’ll take all the risk to get you started! Sign up for your 12-week Challenge and if it’s not a match for ANY reason, let me know with 2-weeks and I’ll give you a FULL Refund! =)

Don’t Let Another Summer Arrive Without Feeling Great In Your Body!

Let this Get Fit and Detox 12-Week Challenge help you set yourself up for success by creating a fitness program that works with your busy schedule, a nutrition plan that’s easy to follow and a community that believes in YOU!


To a healthy, fit YOU for Summer! It’s time!

Michelle Melendez 

Michelle Melendez Signature

Michelle Melendez-Founder & Fitness Expert

P.S. I had a conversation last night with a former Get Fit and Detox client who told me how different this program is from anything she’s done before. She’s released weight and she feels so much better about herself. This can happen for you!