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Your Pilates Cardiocamp
Exercise Game!

Your Game Starts at the Bottom and You Work Your Way UP!

Let us know where you want to be at the end of your 5 week Pilates Cardiocamp session and we’ll add your name to the Goal Column on your right.

Email: with “Exercise Game Goal” in the Subject line.

Note: Play the game from the date you join class. See the end date and determine your Goal Color from that!


Game Runs From: January 4th – February 5th

Your Progress Levels Your Goal
Gold Glory
Gold Glory
25th Workout
24th Workout
23rd Workout
22nd Workout
21st Workout
20th Workout
Red Radiant
Red Radiant
19th Workout
18th Workout
17th Workout
16th Workout
15th Workout
Blue Confidence
Blue Confidence
14th Workout
13th Workout
12th Workout
11th Workout
10th Workout
Purple Power
Purple Power
9th Workout
8th Workout
7th Workout
8th Workout
5th Workout
Green Beginners
Green: Beginners Go!
4th Workout
3rd Workout
2nd Workout
1st Workout

Your Game Starts Here and You’ll Work Your Way Up!
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