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Are You Struggling with Marketing?

One of the BIGGEST reason small fitness businesses fail is because they are not marketing themselves optimally.

When you don’t market your fitness business optimally you:

  • Struggle getting new clients each month
  • Wonder why new people are not finding you
  • Rely mostly on word of mouth marketing
  • Have no systems in place to follow up with new clients or contact old clients

In a phrase…


When you have the right marketing systems in place:

  • Clients find you easily
  • You know when someone hasn’t returned and can contact them quickly
  • You can prepare for more time off
  • You are able to do what you love and with less stress about money

I’ve been running the Pilates Cardiocamp since 2001.

My first year brought in over $70,000.

Today my businesses brings in a consistent six figures a year and grows each year!

In 2013 I took 6 weeks off and went to Australia (a life dream) and Bali!

I don’t say this to brag. I say this because I know I can help you do the same!

I’ve taken business mastery programs which include:

  • Online marketing
  • Media marketing
  •  Sales copy (flyers, biz cards, post cards)
  • Joint Venture success programs
  • Systems for a successful business that runs without you
  • And much more

Business doesn’t have to be hard!

If you are struggling in business, it means only one thing…You are NOT marketing optimally!

If it is time to learn how to create a business where clients find you on a consistent basis, let’s coach together!

My program includes:

  • Review and optimize your web site (not SEO though but I can tell you how to get that done)
  • Design your postcards and flyers
  • Create 2 press releases and teach you how to get in the paper for FREE
  • Show you where to advertise your class for FREE
  • #1 KEY: Create a Marketing system to follow so clients do not fall through the cracks and find another fitness program:
    • Follow up system
    • Budget
    • Advertising system
    • Email blast system

In 2013 I coached a trainer to open and start her own bootcamp program which has been steadily growing!

A few months ago I coached her on a my extensive marketing plan and her first time using it brought in 17 new leads! 

If you are tired of struggling and ready to have raving clients, let me teach you how!

Business Coaching Rate:

Normally $997


TIP: Did you know when someone looks at a piece of marketing material their eyes move in a Z like formation? That’s why the layout of your material should follow a Z formation.

It’s little things like that which will have someone keep reading your marketing material or someone else’s! 

Let me teach you the little things that matter and make a BIG difference to your pocket book!

To your success,

Michelle Melendez

Michelle Melendez Signature

PS I’ve been in business since 2001. I’ve made a TON of mistakes that have cost me thousands of dollars. I know I can keep you from doing what I’ve done and move you in the direction of more clients, more money and more time off!