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Through our Pilates Cardiocamp� class we strive to assist members of all levels in achieving their fitness and health goals - whatever they may be.

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Pilates Cardiocamp Live

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This program has been running since 2001. It was designed by a trainer who has been teaching for nearly 15 years and hold over 10 fitness certifications. 
It is a 5 week program that combines both bootcamp drills and Pilates. You will do Pilates for half the class and either cardio or strength training the other half of the class depending on the day. 
The Pilates Cardiocamp is designed to:
  • Tone and firm your upper and lower body
  • Reduce inches in your belly
  • Strengthening your abs and back for better posture and flexibility
  •  Be a family enviornment where you matter!
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Women Getting Fit

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